About me

Hi! I'm Rose (24) originally from Hungary but living in Northern Ireland, currently. I just moved here on 14th of August, this year.

As the title of the blog says, its main purpose is to present some useful things and experiences/escapades from Northern Ireland for those who are interested in how things are going on in the country. I have hardly found websites/blogs written about Northern Ireland, so I felt a bit obligated and excited to fill this gap. 

I don't feel like getting rid of my healthy lifestyle passion either, so I will spice up the blog with healthy food recipes, health tips and maybe some spiritual thoughts to help with mental well-being too for some individuals.

The ink is hardly dry on my diploma, but I've become an environmental health officer recently, so follow the path of my little medical (or Burger King) career too, if you wish.

It's nice you've found my blog. Turn back anytime; I'll be here with fresh posts :)



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