Do you find yourself unable to overcome some of your annoying symptoms and diseases? Do you already know a couple of facts about the importance of alkalinity but find it hard bringing into your everyday life?

This ebook will help you understand and discover that your mere existence, even without chasing goals perceived as important, can simply become euphoric in terms of perfect physical and mental health. I am willing to share my experiences on an alkalising lifestyle; food, health facts and the depth of some universal laws with you. You are going to find information about an alkaline way of eating and drinking, exercising, acidosis itself; and simple, healthy recipes, tips for a healthy mindset and practical advice in this book.

Whether you are a newbie with an interest in a healthy lifestyle, or already possess a significant knowledge about it, you will meet with unprecedented, instructive ideas to apply to your lifestyle. My writing style is straight, and what I describe and explain to you is honest and always to the point. Every single sentence is based on the insights I have acquired over the past four years; so instead sharing doubtful theories with you, my ideas and opinion are strictly connected to my experiences and discoveries in the hope of your enjoyable developmental health progression.

For me, it was quite easy to understand the truth on how our body really works, since my studies as a public health inspector contributed to this. My aim is to introduce these facts in a very understandable way to you, as I do believe that the method upon the importance of healthy eating, drinking and thinking is easy to comprehend for the lay person too.

By reading this book and internalising my practical advice, you will be able to live a fulfilled and abundant life. We are genetically 'programmed' for 120-150 years of life. Do not accept anything less.

In the hope of reaching as many individuals as possible through the health message of mine, I provide my book on a very tiny price to you. By having it proofread by my translator, native English friend from London, my thoughts are conveyed to you without language obstacles.

So open up your mind; come along with me.

The chapter of the book are the following:

1. - Acidosis is the kiss of death 

2. - The alkaline way of eating and drinking 

3. - Simple, healthy recipes 

4. - Alkalising in practice 

5. - Exercising is medicine 

6. - Let’s have a healthy mind 

7. - Best of luck

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   Xx Rose


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